This Blog has Moved! 

Yes, Inside Out Glamour is our new home!  When your hobby (aka this blog) becomes so involved it takes over your life, and then you avoid said hobby altogether so as to not be consumed…there has to be a better way!  Just say no to self-defeating habits.

I’m embracing a simpler blog, so that I actually have time to tend to it.  Like the gardener who not only waters her plants, but talks to them too.  Not that I have a green thumb.  Nope, just late night metaphorical ramblings.

Inside Out Glamour is dedicated to powerful women who radiate their beauty within to the outside and to the world.  We’ll talk beauty, fashion, decor, cooking, bargain hunting, and feeding your spirit.  And, we’re decidedly making lemonade out of life’s lemons as a lifestyle.  Go ahead and click on over for a look-see.

Shop Your Jewelry Box

A busy wrist is a mark of fashion these days.  It seems to be slowly overtaking the oversize cocktail ring trend, one I’m not sure I’ll ever part with willingly.  But layering on a watch with beautiful bracelets is flattering, drawing attention to one of the smallest features on a woman–her wrist.  You don’t have to be a teenager to pull it off, either.  The only requirement is a bit of confidence as you go through the day using those carpals.

Since resourcefulness is one of the priorities of Domestic Adventuress, I tried putting different looks together, using only what I already had.  Shopping the jewelry box in the same way stylists often encourage you to shop your own closet (admittedly, I have three watches).  Here are a few I came up with.

Don’t forget to care for your hands.  They’re some of the first places we show our age!  Keep them looking youthful and feeling like a baby’s behind with a Satin Hands Set.  Click on the photo or leave a comment for more info.


Day of Detox

Have you ever felt like you just needed to let go of extra toxins?  I’ve been feeling ill the past several days, although grateful to God to still be functioning.  So, I thought maybe a day of cleansing would be beneficial.  Plus, there were a couple of detoxing ideas floating around the blogosphere yet to try.  Truly appreciate the use of alternative and conventional medicine, with most of our habits focusing on prevention.  More on that another time.

I’ll be the first to admit that the effectiveness of many practices in detox are more or less speculation.  But, even if the positive result is from a placebo, feeling better IS better.  That’s my soapbox, and I’m stickin’ to it.  *Disclaimer: I am NOT a medical professional; see your doctor for concerns and professional care.*  So here’s what I did:

Detox Bath:  Yes, it’s some weird stuff.  This bath recipe from Beauty Bets blog claimed to help cure the cold.  For me, it was definitely worth a shot!  First, you run a hot bath and add three pints of peroxide and two ounces of ground ginger, from which the water got its lovely color.  The peroxide is supposed to rid germs, and the ginger increases circulation.  And, you sit in the bath for 30 minutes.  How do I feel that it worked?  I DID feel better afterward, even more so than a typical bath.  While bathing, instead of getting cooler as the water cooled, I kept getting warmer.  And that feeling lasted for about an hour longer.  So, as Beauty Bets pointed out, it’s a good idea to hydrate yourself during and after.  Expect to sweat.  I feel like I would have reaped more benefit by staying in the bath for a full hour.  Read the original blogger’s post and get more info

Detox Tea:  I enjoy a goooood hot tea.  Regularly.  And, this one from Arbonne is nice for its purpose. It’s a mild herbal blend and includes a bit of mint.  I previously used this one daily (as you clearly should, though I haven’t been faithful lately).  When used as directed, and without being too graphic, let’s say…you’ll notice a healthier function of your digestive tract.  Arbonne consultant friend Shannon Lyvers adds, “Detoxing your system will help one lose weight because our fat stores are often how our body sequesters toxins to protect the rest of our cells.  Detoxing gives your body the green light to liquify the now cleaned fat stores so they can be melted/flushed/worked off.”  To purchase, check out, and use consultant #19456300.

I love coconut oil for everything…body, hair, and now teeth. Who knew?

Oil Pulling:  Here’s the strangest practice yet.  Yep.  Instructions say to swish your mouth for 20 minutes or so using oil, preferably coconut (which is antibacterial) or another “healthy” type of oil.  The claims of daily oil pullers vary from whiter teeth to less arthritis and, of course, preventing oral dilemmas, since toxins are pulled from your mouth.    Weird but simple, right?  I can do this.  Except that it’s gross and requires use of weak facial muscles.  So, it took me three different starts and a shorter length of time to get the job done.  As a preventative health measure, though, I’ll keep it up for a while and see how it goes.  Read here for more info:

24 Hour Fast: For spiritual reasons, I try to fast once a week.  Won’t say it’s fun.  You can expect fatigue and headache.  And, I struggle to articulate what it does for me emotionally, but it’s certainly worthwhile.  For the issue of detoxing:  during times when your body doesn’t have to digest food, it’s able to purge other impurities.

This face isn’t painted for Halloween, but…dual purpose???

Side note: Am I smiling because my skin is being renewed or my husband is vacuuming behind me? Both!

Facial Mask:  Nothing says self-pampering like an at-home mask.  And, it’s wonderful for detoxifying.  Here, I’m trying Mary Kay Botanical Effects Mask for normal skin.  It contains silymarin (milk thistle), an antioxidant that helps defend against environmental damage while helping to calm and soothe skin, and luo han guo, the “longevity fruit.”  Gentle exfoliators leave skin glowy.  To purchase, click my direct link:

The Results!: I didn’t do cartwheels out of the bed the following morning, but I did certainly feel better.  Results are so personally subjective, and here’s how I interpreted it:  The Detox Tea and oil pulling are worth trying as lifestyle changes.  They need to be used consistently over time to see the reward.  Fasting is very personal, and participants need to accept the “no pain, no gain” attitude.  Two results I count on…stomach size shrinks, requiring less food to fill you up when you break the fast, which is good for weight loss; and skin tone improves–undereye circles lighten and less overall facial redness.  My indulgent, instant gratification-seeking side enjoys the mask, which made my skin look even better than fasting alone; and the detox bath, which seems to do what it claims and is super-relaxing.  Blessings for your own detox!

Infinity Jewelry Obsession

So, I’m obsessed with the influx of infinity jewelry that keeps popping up on Pinterest.  Which led me to an Etsy search.  My hubby and I are nearing the ten year mark (!), so maybe this will get his attention, too ; )

Are you feeling the infinity jewelry trend?  Which of these pieces is your favorite?

His and Hers Matching Hammered Aluminum Infinity Bracelets, Two Tone, Wedding Day, Anniversary, Birthday Gift, Adjustable Black cord

This could be for either a guy OR gal.  Find it at:

Infinity Silver Necklace, Solid Sterling Silver Jewelry, Custom Letters Jewelry, His and Her initials, friendship,Couple Infinity Love

Love the personalization on this necklace.

Tiny Infinity 14K gold filled bracelet-simple everyday jewelry

Love this unique bracelet.  No mistaking its femininity.

infinity love chunky bracelet

Great artistic flavor in this bracelet!

Infinity Sterling Silver Ring

This is probably my favorite.  I’m a sucker for bling.

Try your own Etsy search for your obsession.   It’s always great to support independent artists, and you’ll find something no one else has.

I’m Not Hating My Birthday

Today’s the day…thirty-three.  I’m owning my age this time.  Unlike some well-loved family members who stick at 29 (it’s a good idea…just not for me).  It’s the first birthday in several years I haven’t dreaded.

Thanks to Dash for a beautiful card!

Is my life where it ought to be (BTW, older people are right that with every birthday, you reflect more and adjust accordingly)?  God has blessed me with an amazing family, and that makes me very happy for sure.  But, am I happy with the path my life is taking?  I wasn’t.  Not this time a year ago.

We were (and sometimes still are) struggling financially, yet there was no monetary justification for me to work and put two kids in child care.  Why miss many precious moments in life only to be breaking even?  Unfortunately, I believed that being a mom limited me to teaching songs, cleaning up messes, depending entirely on my spouse for income, etc.  And, for anyone who chooses that life and is fulfilled by it, or continuing to do so even when you’re not fulfilled by it, it’s a beautiful thing.  But, still, every mom needs an outlet.  And this mama needed some cash to boot.

Having always been a women’s magazine junkie, I dreamed of crafting, decorating, dressing, getting made up, and cooking with a purpose of being able to write about it.  I dreamed of journeying through a process I knew nothing about.  Hoping to find treasures along the voyage that would assure me I could have a blog audience.  It’s been a blast!  I’m learning so much and loving what I’m doing.

Still, something lacked.  My financial outlook needed an overhaul!  I needed a means to earn money that provided guidance and tried and true methods.  I needed a plan that allows me to still put my family first, not just saying so, but actually putting them first.  I researched several forms of work-from-home opportunities.  I’ve sold Arbonne.  I’ve sold Avon.  Clearly, I love beauty products.  But, none of the others have great earning potential off the bat.  Mary Kay is the ONLY business you can start for very little money and immediately earn 50% on sales!  This is where my life really changes (at 33!).  Domestic Adventuress and Mary Kay are partnered and backed by ambition for the foundation of a better life!.  If your life isn’t where you’d like it to be, NOW is the time for CHANGE.  Keep reading.

If something I’ve said here resonates with you, please do not ignore it.  The stumbling block between this changing your life or not is likely your belief in its ability to do that.  I’m excited that I get to share a special opportunity with you during my birth month.  The Mary Kay start up kit is only $75 (normally $100). Even if you just want to buy your own wholesale membership, it’s soooo worth it.  50% off for life.  $75.  Most of us spend more than that on every trip to Target, right?  The Start Up Kit/Wholesale Membership is a gift you should give yourself.

Building a business I can share with my daughter <3

My Birthday gift to you:  Order now and get free samples of your choice!  Click the icon below to visit my site.

To God be the glory for the blessings He sends your way!


A Meal Worth Cooking–Ramen Fried “Rice”

I bought a multi-pack of ramen noodles in a moment of nostalgia.  I can cook them according to package instructions for lunch.  But, if I wanna have my family eat it for dinner, I better get creative.  I found this fun ramen recipe (and others!) on  Love that site.  Here’s the link to the origianal recipe:

This is for a single serving, so multiply by family members to get acquired meal.

  • one package of ramen noodles
  • two eggs, whisked
  • 1/3 cup each of chopped veggies of your choice.  Here: celery, green beans, carrots, onion, sweet peas.
  • 1-2 tablespoons of oil (I used sesame…yum)
  • soy sauce, to taste
Boil noodles using seasoning packet.  Drain well. Saute veggies in the oil until onions are clear.  Add the noodles.  Season with soy sauce and allow it to be absorbed by noodles.  Add eggs, and keep the mixture moving until they’re cooked.
I think you’ll be shocked at how good this is.  My four-year-old son asked me to make it again the next night!  Enjoy, and blessings!


Eyeliner Tricks

My attention was caught an held by a page in a magazine, featuring models with great eyeliner.  This is my interpretation of the look, inspired by a major fashion house.  I couldn’t resist trying the black liner as they did.  It has almost an anime-type feel.  To do the same, apply a moderate black line on upper lashes that extends from the inner corner past the outer corner.  On the bottom, line with a lighter hand.  But (and THIS is the unique part), you do NOT line underneath the irises.  Eyes look larger and a bit exotic in shape.

Mary Kay products used for this look:  Timewise Mattewear Liquid Foundation, concealer, loose powder, mineral bronzing powder in Bronze Diva, mineral cheek color in Strawberry Cream, mineral eye color in Sweet Cream, eyeliner in Black, lipstick in Blaze–blotted and topped with Satin Lips balm.

Click the icon above to shop for these luxurious products.  Blessings!  Hope you have as much fun as I did, trying to master this eyeliner trick.


DIY Mary Kay Deluxe Compact

Small, related advertisement:  Get $200 in Mary Kay skin care and cosmetics for only $99 (plus tax and shipping) now through Sunday night. To order, browse the catalogue (, and then please email me your desired products and a number where I can contact you for payment information to  Brushes, compacts, and tools not included (I don’t get a discount on those).  But, you can learn how to make your own compact here.

Back to your regularly scheduled blog post…  I was so excited to realize the other day that I could make my own compact!  The ones made by Mary Kay are lovely and durable.  If you’re a jet-setter or allergic to crafting, Mary Kay’s compact would be the way to go.  If, on the other hand, you like a personal touch on your personal items or are a sucker for a DIY project, this is for you.

The base for this project is a cigar box, but any shallow box will do.  Also, I had access to some wide magnetic strips.  If you aren’t able to locate those, the one inch kind will do just fine.  You’ll just need to place the magnets in rows, allowing enough room for your cosmetics; a little measuring might be necessary.  I’m generally against measuring, but that’s a long tangent for another day…

Begin by cutting your magnets to fit the box.  This will obviously be different for everyone.

Glue magnets into your box.  Be sure if your magnets only have one magnetic side, that side goes up.  Not that I would know this from my experience.  My glue of choice was Aleene’s tacky.  Does anyone else remember the Aleene’s craft show?  Ah, the memories.

Get out your adorable scrapbook paper, or even fabric, and cut it to size of the front of the box.  Then, coat the back with Modge Podge, and adhere it.  Seal over the paper with a top layer of it, too.

Here comes a personal decision to make:  To cover or not to cover the inside with more pretty paper?  I opted for not because 1) I like repurposing stuff and don’t necessarily want to hide the original purpose of the box, and 2) I couldn’t wait to put the compact to use.  So, now comes the fun part… fill it up!

And, I still have room for more!  The makeup is securely in place, thanks to the power of magnets.  Blessings!

When You Ask Your Guy to Shop for You…

You never know what you’re going to get.  You might end up with chartreuse hair dye, or generic toilet paper.  My husband isn’t guilty of buying either of those, but still, it’s a risk I take.

I actually need to give him some credit.  On a whim, I asked him to bring home some glitter nail polish from Winn Dixie, where he works as a front-end manager.  It has another added element of risk now, right?  To my surprise, though, he brought home an eye-catching grey glitter polish!  It’s my new fave.

Feelin’ like gray

Color:  Rock n’ Roll by Wet n’ Wild, Fergie collection.

Here are my toes, painted black and topped off with my new glitter polish. All-dressed-up-vamp.

Eye shadow worn above:  Silver Satin.  


Review: Twist n Clip and Sock Bun

You may have seen the Twist n Clip commercials on TV and thought about trying them.  I found them on the “as seen on TV” aisle at Wal-mart.  So many items are there that I wouldn’t bother to order.  But, when I see them in the store, I’m caught by the impulse.

I was eager to try this gadget, since it looks so easy.  I have mostly straight hair with average thickness, It’s layered in different lengths, the back being about three inches past my shoulders.

So, I played with it on and off for a few days.  The bad news:  it doesn’t hold my hair in a twist.  For you, it might.  If your hair is longer, thicker, or curlier than mine.  The good news:  They are extremely comfortable as pony tail holders!  When I wear them, I don’t get my common hair-pulling caused headaches.  Here’s one way I like to wear them, two at once.  If you like, you can really pump up the volume in the back (even more than I did).

On to another gadget… I think I’m the last person to try the sock bun.  But, just in case I’m not, they are also wonderful for headache-free style.  I used to see pretty girls with gorgeous top-knots and think, “It will take years before my hair is long enough to have a nice, thick bun.”

Not so, since I watched the youtube video below.  If you haven’t tried it, you must.  My friends are gonna get tired of seeing me wear my hair this way because I love it so much.  Major bonus:  It leaves behind beautiful curls when you take it down!  True story.

Watch this video:  Sock Bun how-to

Blessings!  Hope you enjoy the sock bun and Twist n Clip as much as I have!